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Deck Overlays & Resurfacing. Does your wood deck need to be spruced up? Look at our selection of Flex-c-ment Overlays for your next home investment. A refinished deck is safer to use and boosts the value of your home. Not only do cement overlays last, we carry a range of custom finishes and stamped designs.

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Re: Overlay Old Roof Sheathing With New I am presently making repairs to a roof that was done just as you are proposing: that is putting new OSB on top of an existing sagging, undersized deck. In this case, there is water seepage and moisture problems in both layers that has attracted the attention of many carpenter ants.

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However, they overlie the existing boards (at an angle), so melt and rain water run down off the overlay board into the underlying deck boards. This water will then sit there between the overlay and the old deck board rather than running off, and dry out only very slowly when not raining,if at all.

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The question is, can we just lay a second layer of sheathing over the existing deck to stiffen things up? We are thinking of nailing 7/16" OSB over the existing plywood and making sure the the joints between the layers do not line up. Anyone aware of code or other issues inherent in this approach?

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overlaying old flooring on deck and in kitchen. By Eric Anderson. My wife, kid and I recently moved into our new appartment and first few days were perfect, but also very cool days. The heat and sun came out and started to warm the deck and bring up a very horrific smell of animal urine.

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Re: Laying Over Old Deck I like the idea of taking up three boards, then two, etc, in order to let in new sleepers. But another option is deck tiles - if you can find a way to get that bottom layer flat.

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Climate and weather play a big part, too. In some areas of the country, the lifespan of a wooden deck is limited, no matter what you do. By starting over, you can get it right from the beginning. Upgrading to a high-quality deck substructure (here’s an example: Elevations steel deck framing from our) will help your new deck last a lifetime.

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