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Fencing for Beginners. ... Learn more about the basic rules that govern the sport of fencing. Fencing equipment. Learn more about all the equipment you’ll need in order to fence safely. ... Fencing terminology. Understand and appreciate the sport better by learning more about the common terms and phrases used in fencing.

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(fencing) The starting position of a fencing bout; en garde. 1881, Robert Louis Stevenson, Virginibus Puerisque: We fall on guard, and after all it is a friend who comes to meet us.· vigilant, alert

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As with any sport, specific terminology is used to describe the equipment, and explain the techniques. Listed are some commonly used terms within the fencing community.

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How to Understand Basic Fencing Terminology. If you're new to fencing or you're "checking it out" to determine if it is the sport for you (and it is, if challenging yourself physically, mentally and emotionally is an effort you enjoy,...

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Deflecting the opponent's attacking blade by moving from a high line guard to a low line (or a low line to a high line) guard on the opposite side. Direct. ... FENCING TERMS. 67 terms. Stage Combat Terms. 79 terms. Basic Fencing Vocabulary. 86 terms. Single Sword Combat Midterm. THIS SET IS OFTEN IN FOLDERS WITH... 90 terms. Fencing. 30 terms.

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‘En-garde’ is French for ‘on guard’, and is uttered by the referee before the start of the bout to signify to the fencers that they should get into positions. Epee An epee is one of three main weapons that are employed in fencing. It is light, with a triangular blade and large hand guard. Foil

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Fencing.Net is the leading online news source, guide and community to the world of Olympic/Sport Fencing. We exist to help people discover, enjoy, and progress within the sport.

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A fencing weapon with triangular cross-section blade and a large bell guard; also a light dueling sword of similar design, popular in the mid-19th century, which was also called an ‘Épée de Terrain.’ Esquive An evasive move to dodge or sidestep the attacker’s attack, generally followed with an attack of your own. Extension

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Fencing terminology. Share Facebook Twitter Whatsapp Email . ... Fencing is a sport that uses a number of French words, which can be confusing to people who are either new to the sport or do not speak the . Here are some of the most common terms and phrases used in fencing, and the meaning behind them.

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On guard - Definition of On guard from Used as an instruction by officials to warn the competitors to get ready. If used as an instruction by a teacher, then the students are expected to guard in some way. This position is a balanced one f...

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Note that the vocabulary here is primarily a glossary of modern fencing terms. Over time, the terminology has evolved, and different terminology may be found in Medieval and Renaissance sources. In many cases, English, French, and Italian terminology may be used (often interchangeably) for the same thing.

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SOME OF THE TERMS USED IN FENCING ABSENCE OF BLADE when swords are not in contact ADVANCE to step forward AIDS the last three fingers of the sword hand ANALYSIS the process of describing actions occurring in a fight, usually a phrase preceding a hit ANGULATION creating an angle between the weapon and the … Continue reading "Glossary of Terms"

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Sport Fencing Terminology, free sport fencing terminology software downloads, Page 2.

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The following is a listing of several fencing terms. This glossary has been compiled from official definitions from the International Fencing Federation (FIE). Glossary of Terms in Fencing. Advance: To step forward. Beat: A sharp tap on an opponent’s blade to initiate or threaten an attack.

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